Since The middle of September I have been living a Paleo lifestyle; it's been the best thing I have ever done for myself.   I had heard some information, just bits and pieces really, about the Paleo Diet and decided to do some research to see what it was all about.  Being grossly overweight  at 28  I decided that a change was in order, and the Paleo Diet made perfect sense to me. The more I read about it, the more clear it became that this was something I needed to do, not just for my weight, but for my health.  I considered myself healthy, sure, I was a fatty fat, but I didn't have any health problems, not that I realized anyway.  Now that I'm living Paleo though, I can't believe how many problems I had due to my diet. 

For those of you who haven't heard of the Paleo Diet, it's actually very simple. It's not a "Diet" diet, it's more of a dietary change.  Also called the Caveman Diet, the Paleo Diet is designed to mimic the diet of our ancestors, not from just a few generations ago, but from 2.5 million years ago, before there was farming.  This is the diet we, as a species, have evolved to eat; the food nature intended for us to eat.  It's pretty basic really: Lean Meats, Veggies, Fruit, Nuts &  Berries, and Fish (sadly I'm not a fan of fish, I doubt you'll catch me ever eating one).  Of these things, you can eat as much as you want, I've never been hungry on this diet, and always have lots of energy to get through my day. 

I've created this Blog so people who are interested in it can learn about being Paleo, it's more than just changing what you eat. Please know that I'm not an expert in this field. All the information I have gathered, I have gotten from books and internet research. This is my medium for sharing my day-to-day Paleo life.

Since starting this diet I have lost 25 lbs and have had many positive physical changes.  For instance, before I switched to Paleo I would get very stiff in the evenings and wake up stiff in the mornings, I didn't think anything about it... "just getting older" I supposed.  Now, the stiffness is gone, hooray!  My typical day consists of eating protein for breakfast (usually an egg and some meat), nuts and berries for my snack. Lunch is generally a salad (not some wimpy side salad mind you, lots of different lettuces, spinach, meat, fruit, avocado, nuts, veggies, berries, whatever I can find, and I have an oil based dressing on the side).  Dinner is typically some sort of meat and veggie combination, and I like to follow up with a piece of fruit for dessert.  At no point during the day do I count calories, or use "portion control",  I eat as much as I want whenever I want, I just have to stick to the Paleo foods.  This means that Grains (including corn), Dairy, Legumes, and anything processed is off limits. Our bodies weren't designed to eat those Neolithic foods and they are slowly killing us.  Nevertheless, I feel much better since cutting out these foods and I know things will only get better from here on out :)